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Holcomb & Hyde LLC Feb. 4, 2021

The National Stroke Association reports that strokes rank third as the main cause of death among women. The signs of a stroke differ between men and women, which could lead to a delayed or missed diagnosis. There are unique stroke signs women in Hamilton, Ohio, should know, so they can get proper treatment.

Unique Stroke Symptoms in Women

Strokes in women commonly occur at the rear of the brain and are called posterior circulation strokes. This cutting off of blood flow to the top of the brain may cause dizziness or seizures.

Hiccups are another unique sign of a stroke in women, which only 10% of women knew about, according to a survey. However, hiccups rarely happen with a stroke, and chest pains usually accompany them. A stroke in women may also cause hallucinations, trouble breathing, nausea, vomiting, fainting, behavioral changes, migraines with an aura and general weakness.

Why Strokes in Women Get Misdiagnosed

Many women tend to think of strokes as a “man’s condition,” so they may not stay proactive about the symptoms. Research has also shown around 60% of women die from strokes compared to 40% of men. The female hormone estrogen places women at a greater risk of a stroke since it acts as a coagulant.

Studies from 2014 indicate that women have a higher risk of misdiagnosis than men because of their unique symptoms. The ER treats most stroke victims and commonly diagnoses headaches and dizziness as a sign of an ear infection or a migraine. Minorities and people under 45 also run a higher risk of delayed or misdiagnosis a week before a stroke occurs.

Doctors who fail to give patients the highest level of care commit medical malpractice. Medical malpractice can have devastating effects, so a patient who feels they were misdiagnosed should seek an attorney.