Ex-Prosecutors Can Be The Key To Solving Serious Legal Problems

Drug trafficking charges in Ohio are very serious and prosecuted vigorously in every county. Law enforcement works alongside prosecutors to build cases based on weights and measures, drug types, and community issues like proximity to schools or children.

Sentencing guidelines for trafficking are harsh in Ohio, including mandatory prison time for most convictions. Not only will convictions generally land someone in jail – from anywhere from 6 months to 10 years per charge – but Ohio exercises tough drug forfeiture laws as well. The loss of property and real estate from a drug conviction can be catastrophic to you and your family.

If you have been arrested for drug trafficking in Ohio, you need an aggressive defense team who can approach your case from every angle, and paint a compelling portrait for the prosecutor, judge, and jury.

We are highly skilled Criminal Defense Attorneys who have handled hundreds of drug trafficking cases. But even better for your defense – we are also former Ohio prosecutors. We know what judges look for when they make determinations about the circumstances of any drug case, and we know how the prosecution will structure its arguments to push for maximum penalties. We know how to push back, and we do.

We Work With You

Our approach to our clients is entirely individual. In cases involving drugs, addiction is often a factor. Many of our clients have been medical professionals caught up in “pill mill” investigations, or young adults who haven’t yet established themselves in their lives. In all cases, we work closely to determine the best approach for your needs. Drug or alcohol treatment may not only benefit you personally but can also demonstrate to a judge that you are committed to improving yourself and moving on from a mistake.

A client’s family is another significant consideration. Young adults have parents and siblings who are concerned for their welfare and interested in seeing the best outcome in the case. Adult clients fighting drug trafficking charges may have spouses, children, and careers they are committed to. All of these situations are advantages to a defense in a drug case. Every way of demonstrating a person’s attachment to and roots in the community are a net benefit to the process.

So while we are open to negotiations and discussion with the other side to establish our clients’ good faith, we also have many years of courtroom experience – on both sides of the aisle – and are always ready to fight for every client in front of a judge and jury.

We will force the prosecution to prove its case – and as ex-prosecutors, we know how to attack a drug trafficking case head on. Was a search legal? Did the police have cause to approach you in the first place? Were there other individuals present, and what was their role? What sort of witnesses are they? We start at the beginning and move forward through the evidence.

If you have been arrested for drug trafficking in Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester, Middletown, or other parts of Ohio, you need an aggressive, thorough defense team at your side. Call us any time, day or night, seven days a week, for a free consultation with a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney.