Business Law

If you own and/or operate a small business and you need an attorney to analyze legal documents such as leases or contracts we can help. We also can draft legal documents that you would like to use in your business. Often times owners of small businesses are confronted with various legal issues that must be addressed. Our firm is well versed in providing legal counsel and legal services for these types of businesses. If you receive a letter from an attorney, client, customer or a member of the public and you have questions about your rights and duties we can assist you and your company with the appropriate responses.

If you are owed money for services rendered or goods supplied we can help get you paid. Lawsuits may have to be filed on your behalf and lawsuits against you may have to be defended. If you and your company are thinking about pursuing some type of legal action give us a call. If you or your company has been sued and your liability insurance company refuses to provide and pay for your legal defense, give us a call. We would like to sit down with you and analyze all of the options.