The Truth Behind the Most Common Skin Cancer Myths

Many people enjoy spending time outdoors in Ohio to see everything this state offers. With that said, being outside can also put you at risk for developing skin cancer. Unfortunately, there are lots of myths about how to prevent dealing with this condition. Here is the truth behind a few common myths about skin cancer.

Skin Cancer only Comes from Sun Exposure

It’s understandable to assume that you can only get skin cancer from excessive exposure to the sun, which isn’t true. Other factors contribute to skin cancer, such as your age and the condition of your immune system. Due to their weakened immune system, older individuals also carry the risk of getting this condition. With all of the previously mentioned factors at play, medical malpractice often occurs in cases related to skin cancer.

A Base Tan Protects You from Sunburns

You might have also heard that having a base tan prevents you from getting sunburns, which increases your risk of developing skin cancer. Unfortunately, this is another one of many skin cancer myths. Whether you tan outdoors or in a tanning bed, either option causes UV rays to continuously damage your skin’s DNA.

Sunscreen Is only Necessary when It’s Sunny

This is yet another skin cancer-related myth. Even when the weather is cloudy or cold, the sun is still emitting UV rays. Fortunately, you can prevent exposure to UV rays by applying sunscreen to your skin all year round. To remain protected from these rays, use an SPF 30 sunscreen at a minimum.

In conclusion, there are many myths about what does or doesn’t cause skin cancer. While it’s impossible to avoid the sun, wearing sunscreen and limiting your outdoor exposure can keep your skin cancer risk low.

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