Domestic Violence

Aggressive Legal Help To Fight Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a difficult charge to prosecute and a difficult charge to defend against. Many cases really boil down ‘my word against yours’ spats, and sometimes the accusations are simply false claims designed to create leverage in other areas, like custody disputes.

This is a complicated and emotional area of criminal law that overlaps with other practice areas. If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester or Middletown or elsewhere in Ohio, it’s important to work with knowledgeable, capable attorneys who are fully aware of all the ramifications of this charge. In Butler County, we’re your best bet for a positive outcome.

At Holcomb & Hyde LLC, we are always prepared to take a case into the courtroom, we’re also aware that every case is unique; your circumstances, and those of your family, may be best served with a different approach.

However, when it comes to providing an aggressive defense in any criminal proceeding, we are second to none in holding the prosecution to high standards of evidence and forcing them to prove every allegation in their case.

We do this better than anybody else because we’ve been prosecutors for domestic violence cases in Ohio. We know how these cases are built, what evidence the police and prosecutors look at, and what conclusions are drawn from witness statements and other material. We have a unique insight into the mechanics of the case, where the weak spots will be in a complaint, and what the prosecution will do to gloss over the flaws.

We’ll Find The Weak Spots, And We’ll Push

Domestic violence is a serious offense in Ohio. Even though it’s classified as a first-degree misdemeanor, a first conviction can result in six months in jail. Additional convictions can produce sentences of up to eight years! We are committed to providing the strongest possible defense against allegations of domestic violence and will do everything in our power to create a positive resolution for you and, if possible, for your family as well.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Make The Difference In Your Case

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Butler County, please call us, free of charge. You can reach our office at 513-892-8251 or send us a message online. We want to hear your story and understand what’s happening in your case. We’ll listen and ask some questions, and then we’ll tell you what you can expect next.

We’ll also let you know what you can do about it – and what we can do about it for you. Domestic violence is an ugly charge, and even the allegation can cost you friends, family and business. No one wants that label hanging over them as they move on with their lives, and we can help. While every case is different, and we can’t promise any particular outcome, we will work closely with you to arrive at the very best resolution to your case. Contact us for your free consultation to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help you.