Internet Sex Crimes

Ex-Prosecutors Understand Defense In The Digital Age

The internet has improved our lives in countless ways, giving us easy and convenient access to entertainment, communication and work. But there’s a darker side to this remarkable tool, and police in Ohio are just as interested in internet sex crimes as federal law enforcement is.

At Holcomb & Hyde LLC Attorneys at Law, we understand that charges of internet sex crimes in Butler County hinge on extremely technical information – IP addresses, proxy servers and similar connection-specific data that can be called into question.

But more importantly, we believe that everyone deserves a strong, thorough defense, regardless of the charges against them. We have built our careers by providing that level of service to people in Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester and Middletown, Ohio. If you are under investigation or have been arrested for internet sex crimes, please call right now for free, sound legal advice.

Don’t Risk Your Future

A conviction for internet sex crimes carries serious penalties in Ohio, including likely jail time and being forced to register as a sex offender. In addition, simply being charged with crimes of this nature can result in the loss of a job, distance from friends and family, and a permanent stain on your reputation that you may never get past – even if you’re found not guilty.

If you’re under investigation for internet sex crimes, you need attorneys with the technical know-how to properly defend you. These cases involve a high level of technical sophistication – tracking IP addresses to chat room user IDs or peer-to-peer file-sharing services – and many attorneys simply have no idea how to process data at this level.

We have the knowledge and resources to properly defend against charges that illicit material was knowingly transmitted or stored on an individual’s electronic devices, or that improper contacts were initiated online.

Don’t Delay

If you have reason to believe that you’re being investigated for internet sex crimes in Butler County, it’s vital that you contact knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys today. Police may seek a warrant to search your computers, cellphones and other electronic devices, and without representation you’re powerless to stop them.

Many people feel like they can clear things up with a mistaken police investigator by just explaining what happened, and police love it when suspects are forthcoming with information. Trust us – do not talk to the police without a lawyer beside you. If you are being interviewed by the police, odds are good that they already believe you’re guilty. You can certainly believe them when they tell you that everything you say will be used against you.

When you need sophisticated representation for 21st-century criminal charges, we can help. Call anytime, day or night, for a free consultation with an experienced internet sex crimes defense attorney. We want to know exactly what’s happening in your case and give you the very best advice you can get.

Don’t try to wait this out. Your career, family and good name are at risk from just the allegation of internet sex crimes. Call today so we can start fighting for you: 513-892-8251.