Reckless Operation

Protecting Ohio Residents From Reckless Operation Charges

Reckless operation is a bit of a catch-all charge in Ohio, levied against a spectrum of offenses, often at a police officer’s sole discretion. Excess speed, failure to maintain a lane, weaving in traffic, or even if an officer just suspects other infractions and needs more time to investigate can all result in a reckless operation charge. And you don’t even have to be on a public street to be charged!

Though on its own it’s a minor misdemeanor, police and prosecutors love to tack this charge onto other infractions and run up points on your license, resulting in suspension. But don’t give up hope.

At Holcomb & Hyde LLC, we are former Ohio prosecutors and experienced criminal defense attorneys in Butler County. If you have been charged with reckless operation in Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester or Middletown, call today for a free consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney.

As prosecutors, we built cases against defendants using a reckless operation charge and we know how it works. We know what to ask the police to get the full story and we know how to push back at prosecution claims. We’ve had excellent results over many years in getting this charge dropped or diminished, and we may be able to do the same for you in your case.

Don’t Let A Reckless Operation Charge Damage Your Record.

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