Suspended Licenses

Lost Your License? We Can Help You Get It Back.

Has your Ohio driver’s license been suspended in Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester or Middletown? Whether you lost your license as a result of DUI/OVI charge or from too many points on your license, at Holcomb & Hyde LLC, we can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you as they fought to recover their driving privileges in Butler County.

There are a number of approaches to getting you back in the driver’s seat. We have had very good results in a variety of suspended license situations, both in the court setting and through negotiations in pending cases. Whether the issue is pushing back on earlier convictions or securing limited driving privileges after a DUI, we’ve handled many cases that are similar and have years of experience both as criminal defense attorneys and as former Ohio prosecutors.

The critical piece in resolving your suspended license issue in Butler County is to contact an experienced suspended license attorney who can take your case to the courthouse – and get results.

A more serious problem can develop if you are caught driving with a suspended license. If that is your situation, please call us right now at 513-892-8251, as you are facing a significant charge that could have a serious impact on your life. The call is totally free and you’re never under any obligation. We just listen to what’s happened to you, ask you a few questions, then give you our honest opinion about what you can expect next, and what you can do about it.

We are experienced criminal defense attorneys, and when we go to work at getting your license back, we start from the very beginning, review evidence and case notes, look at transcripts from hearings and the courtroom, and more. We look for any avenue that can be exploited to push back on charges and even previous convictions.

Get The Attention Your Case Demands

Every case is different, and the unique circumstances in your case require personalized service. That’s what we offer all our clients. Call 513-892-8251 or email us for a free consultation about your suspended license today.