Traffic Tickets

Let Former Prosecutors Protect Your License

Almost everyone ends up with a traffic ticket at some point. It’s usually no big deal, but your problems can snowball when there are multiple infractions or other traffic-related offenses on your driving record. Fines can add up fast, your insurance rates can skyrocket, and if you accumulate enough points on your license you can lose your driving privileges entirely. And the costs can be enormous. Failure to pay a ticket means your fines may start accumulating fines, and before you know it, your minor traffic issue is a really big deal.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve been cited for traffic violations like speeding, reckless operation, DUI/OVI, failure to control a vehicle, or driving without a license, the best way to protect your ability to drive in Butler County is to work with an attorney who understands the complexity and ramifications of Ohio traffic law.

At Holcomb & Hyde LLC, we have dealt with hundreds of traffic cases over the years, and have had excellent results negotiating fines and charges down and even having cases dismissed entirely. Working with experienced attorneys in Hamilton, Fairfield, West Chester and Middletown can not only save you big money in fines and protect your license, but it can also help keep your insurance costs down going forward.

When you have outstanding tickets that haven’t been paid, you’ll eventually be at risk of arrest. Imagine being on a date, or driving with your kids in the car, or taking a client to lunch when you’re pulled over for something minor. The officer runs your name through the computer and finds a warrant, and suddenly your small traffic ticket problem is a major life hassle and a huge embarrassment. And the costs just go even higher then.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Stop Ignoring Your Traffic Ticket Problem In Butler County!

For most of us, driving just isn’t optional. Cars are essential to how we live, and our driving privileges are key to maintaining our freedom, our careers and our quality of life. Help with your traffic ticket issue in Butler County is just a phone call away. We’re always happy to provide a free telephone consultation to people in need of sound legal advice. Just call today: 513-892-8251.