Personal Injury

Personal Injury Representation Founded On Integrity

At Holcomb & Hyde LLC, we have extensive experience in handling all types of personal injury claims. Rest assured that we do not solicit clients by sending them mailings or contacting them after they have received an injury caused by someone’s negligent or reckless conduct. We are the passive recipients of business – not the active seekers of it. You have to contact us first after a collision or injury. With us, it is not the other way around.

Quite frankly, those kinds of lawyers who contact people within a few days of an injury incident with a goal of representing them in a claim for bodily injury, remind us of pathetic parasites like a tapeworm or a big glob of maggots. Those kind of attorneys have given our profession a black eye and a bad name.

Over the years, we have had clients bring us the numerous solicitation mailings from attorneys all over the state of Ohio. Some as far away as Akron, Ohio, almost five hours away. Most of these attorneys we have never heard of or seen in the courthouse.

We Are In Court Every Day

We are in court just about every day somewhere in Southwestern Ohio and one would think that somewhere or somehow we would actually meet these soliciting predatory lawyers. Since we never see them we have concluded that they must be back at their office getting the next batch of direct solicitation mailings together for distribution to the very recently injured.

Some unscrupulous attorneys do not do the dirty work themselves. These types of attorneys have an arrangement with certain medical providers such as a chiropractor who will call the injured person and offer them a free exam. Once at the exam, the chiropractor or his or her staff will refer you to an attorney who they have worked with in the past.

The next thing you know, the chiropractor is having the injured person coming back for treatment time and time again. Soon the medical bill is huge, but the unscrupulous chiropractor is not worried, he or she knows that the injured person’s case cannot be concluded until he or she is paid.

You must also realize that the insurance companies and their attorneys are not stupid. The insurance company that you will be dealing with knows the game and knows the attorneys who have these types of arrangements and they know which chiropractors that participate in such shenanigans. It will most certainly cause the value of your claim to shrink substantially.

We Work For You

Unfortunately, those types of parasitic lawyers have tainted the public’s perception of all attorneys who handle personal injury cases as ambulance chasers. We are not ambulance chasers at Holcomb & Hyde LLC. We do not cater to or have any ongoing relationship with any chiropractor. Please do not misinterpret what we are saying.

Not all chiropractors are bad. There are some very good and honest chiropractors who do not have any type of relationship with any particular lawyer or law firm. These chiropractors do not refer their patients to any particular attorney and they truly care about their patient’s well-being. Over the years, we have had clients who have had very good medical results with their particular chiropractor. If your claim is handled correctly, a good honest chiropractor can help your case a great deal.

We Do Things Differently

If you have been in a motor vehicle collision or injured some other way at the hands of someone else and you are contacted by an attorney by mail or phone, or in person and that attorney wants to handle your case, you should immediately cease all communication with that attorney. Throw that mailing in the garbage, hang up the phone or politely close the door. You should ask your family or friends for advice on who they have used.

Contact Us For Real Help

Word of mouth is how we do business. We stand by our representation and we truly care for our clients. We want what is best for our clients so they will want to refer their family and friends to us in the future. We have had great success in handling claims for personal injury and wrongful death. Give us a call, and we can tell you more about it: 513-892-8251 or use our contact form.