Speeding Tickets

Keep Costs And Points Down With Ex-Prosecutors At Your Side

Speeding tickets can be a costly penalty for a minor infraction. And it doesn’t stop at the fine associated – there’s also the matter of points added to your driver’s license which put you at risk for further problems down the road, plus higher car insurance costs that you could be paying for years.

And it gets worse. Do you already have points on your license? Each additional infraction brings you closer to a suspended license. Points can vary, and police officers can always throw a reckless driving charge into the mix. Six points on your license will have it suspended, so it’s important that you properly assess the situation if you have one or more speeding tickets or other traffic infractions.

Any way you look at it, speeding tickets in Ohio are bad news, and if you’ve received a ticket you want to fight, or need help navigating the legal waters of multiple speeding infractions in Butler County, we can help. We have handled hundreds of cases in traffic court, reducing fines, points, and successfully defending against cases where police improperly issued drivers a ticket. If you’ve received speeding tickets and need help, call for a free consultation with a Butler County attorney who understands the local courts and Ohio law.

Don’t risk your license, your financial future, or your driving privileges! Call today for your free speeding ticket defense consultation. We’ll listen to you, ask you some questions, and tell you honestly whether we think we can help. If you decide to move forward with a court fight, we will do everything in our power to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.