Trial Lawyers

The attorneys at Holcomb & Hyde are trial lawyers. Both Richard A. Hyde and John M. Holcomb have extensive jury trial experience in both civil and criminal matters. Our experience speaks for itself. Many attorneys have never tried a case to a jury. If you have a legal matter and you want a favorable result, you and your attorney must be willing to take the case to trial. The attorneys on the other side of the case will know whether or not your attorney is willing to take the matter to trial or is going to settle. Insurance companies know which attorneys will settle and which ones are willing to lay it all on the line and let the jury decide the outcome. A jury trial could go either way and for this reason, this is what keeps everyone honest. No one can predict with absolute certainty how a jury will decide a case. This is why jury trial experience of your attorney is so crucial.

So if you have a legal matter and you want to take the matter to a jury trial give us a call. We will be glad to analyze your case and let you know your options. The ultimate decision on whether or not to settle or go to trial is that of the client.